Let’s pretend we’re back at an elementary school book fair, where you guess the number of jelly beans in the jar and get a free book. Only, instead of jelly beans it’s Google searches (not as tasty, but just as colorful) and instead of a free book, you get more bookings.

Ok, let’s go!

How many times was Airbnb searched on the internet?

I’ll give you a hint...a lot.

To be more specific, over 8.1 million times!

In fact, Aribnb is ranked #70 in all-time search keywords. That’s above Verizon, Spotify, and Dominos! So we can know definitively say that people like staying in Airbnbs more than they like talking on the phone, listening to music, and eating pizza!

Ok, maybe we can’t say that, but this statistic shows how interested people are in Airbnbs. Add to that a return rate of 2.13, meaning that people who searched for it did so more than two times a month.

Just one more reason why Airbnbs are AWESOME and are the rise in real estate and hospitality! And it is SO easy to get on board this climbing industry! Become an Airbnb host today!

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