I first heard about the tiny house movement a few years ago. People wanting to lessen their carbon imprint and downsize from a nice suburban home to a roomy 200 square foot micro-house.

Sounds fun...unless you have four kids. Still, the thought seems enticing in some ways. Less to clean, lower, almost non-existent mortgage, less to clean, sometimes mobile, not to mention it’s less to clean.

I don’t plan on going to Home Depot and buying my tiny house supplies any time soon, but what if there was a way you could try it just for a day or two? Thanks to some creative Airbnb hosts, there is! That's right, tiny house vacation rentals!

Want some examples? Check out these 10 tiny houses available for booking everywhere from Atlanta and Alaska, to Uruguay and New Zealand. Some of them sleep as many as 4, which I think makes them more of a wooden tent than a tiny house, but I'll give them creative license.

Have a great week!