People ask us a lot, “Will hosting an Airbnb work for us if we’re not in a big city?”

The answer: YES!

In fact in data recently compiled by Airbnb, rural counties in NC made $76 million in the last year with almost half a million guests coming to stay. And the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon.

North Carolina as a whole has had an increase in the tourism industry. Hotels have been doing well, but mostly in large cities. So much so that hotels have been moving to large cities and popular vacation spots, leaving rural areas without many options. Rural Airbnb hosts are filling in the gaps.

Airbnb is working to make this trend sustainable too. They study and distribute information intended to help rural hosts make the best decisions and get the most return.There are also tax breaks on Airbnb bookings in NC. Learn more about Airbnb’s work with NC here.

While this focuses mostly on NC, it’s bigger than just one state. Being an Airbnb host works anywhere! You just have to jump in and get started. Why NOT Me Airbnb is here to help you do that!