I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! It is one of my most favorite holidays. I was raised in a very patriotic family and try to pass that on to my children.

We have established some wonderful traditions on this holiday.

  • After church on Sunday we went and set up flags on the veterans' headstones
  • Then went "caroling" singing patriotic songs to our favorite retirement center
  • On Monday we attended our favorite Memorial Day Observance Ceremony and performed a short 8 minute show of our favorite patriotic songs for the group.

I am grateful for amazing kids who didn't complain about the heat or the length of the ceremony because this is a tradition that they know we will be doing for a greater purpose. They "get it". They "get" why we pay our respects on this weekend. They "get" why things like heat and boredom aren't something I will tolerate while we commemorate those who died serving our country.

On Monday night my husband came across a picture taken at the same Memorial Service 5 years prior. Wow, how we have changed! I looked at those two pictures together and it brought tears to my eyes.

The top one (2014) was:

  • when I was pregnant with #4.
  • It was before my 2 year old's brain cancer diagnosis.
  • It was before I had made the jump into following my dreams of building our own business.

We look like babies to me!

Last week I was asked to speak to a group of over 300 Real Estate Investors on the topic "If you lost it all, how would you earn a million dollars in 5 years". It caused me to reflect on my life 5 years ago vs today, basically these pictures right here.

The top picture I had my wonderful family which brought me so much joy. But my husband and I were both working everyday to earn someone else money. We talked about dreams but we didn't act on them. I struggled with postpartum depression and my husband with anxiety as we struggled each day to provide for these beautiful children the Lord had entrusted us with. We were exhausted from the rat race.

It was in 2014 that we snapped and decided to jump into chasing our dreams... boy am I glad we did!

When standing in front of that group of investors last week I realized that only a small percentage of that group will follow their dreams. It made me sad for them. I wanted to grab each one by the shoulders and tell them to make the jump. There will be hurdles, but it will be SO WORTH IT!

So right now, this is me, grabbing you by the shoulders, begging you, as a friend, to make the jump. Decide to follow your dreams and find a way to make it happen! Whatever it is!

For me, a huge part of it was running Airbnbs.

If you are interested in Airbnbs, I have made a HUGE HUGE HUGE CHANGE to the course!

I decided I want to help more people make that jump. I didn't want cost to be an issue. SO we have changed to a membership platform. For just $39/month, you can start learning all you need to know about running Airbnbs. Let me repeat that... JUST $39/month. No contract. Cancel at anytime. This price will be going up! But it is the launch of the new membership program so we wanted to send it to our friends first before we raise it. Act NOW!

Join our community of Airbnb hosts!

Whether you have thought about it, or are actually doing it but want help streamlining your hosting,

For $39/month you can't afford NOT to at least try it!

Hope to see in the group soon!

MeiLani Hock

*For our life time members who are receiving this, we love you and you are going to love the additions we are making!