We opened another Airbnb today and I am exhausted! But it has been a while since I have written so I thought I would hop on.

Preschool is out so I had my 2 and 4 year old with me and it made me once again so thankful to have Airbnb as a stream of income. They were great helpers and hung out with our moving and cleaning team all day. It is always fun to have them by me and to have them see what mommy does at work.

We open this one this week and it is already booked 31 of the next 43 days before it is event open! Woot Woot!

Our next one opens in 2 weeks.


I have seen some SUPER cool Airbnbs over the years, but lately I have been digging the "backstage pass" type listings.

This past month, my inner fan girl added to more Airbnbs to my bucket list:

My inner 13 year old self was about to burst with excitement when I saw that last one!


I hope you have an AMAZING week! If you are in DC, I will be speaking at two events there this week. Reach out and I can give you free tickets to one of my events!

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